There are mainly 2 types of album designs generally prefered, these comes with hard cover with a box in a carry bag. I give 12×36(Big) size photo album to my clients.

1) General design: Which is typical album having about 200-250 photos in 30-35 pages on Matte paper having photos covering almost all events including final reception. 

2) Candid design: which is having about 80-90% of couples photos in candid moments and 10-20% of close family members only. it will not have any reception photos generally 70-100 photos are printed on 20-25 Velvet pages which feels like flower petals to the fingers and has a very soft look and touch feel. it will have less number of photos  unlike general hence 2-3 photos on full page.

we can have a mixed type of design in a single album but then selection of paper can be either matte or velvet an album can not have 2 different types of papers.

you can check various sample album designs here, these are not fixed Template our every album is different in a way.