The costing depend on many things like various services that you are looking out for, Venue details, scope of work, your specific requirements, gears to be used, size quantity and quality of the print required. Let me know the detail requirements and we will fix the costing for all services. Connect me through Contact Us page.

Gadgets I use/ About my Kit :

Camera 1: Nikon D750 full-frame camera

Camera 2: Nikon D5200 Semi Professional DSLR camera as stand by if full frame DSLR fails while shooting.

Lens 1: Tamron 24-70 f2.8 VC (FX)

Lens 2: Nikkor 50mm f1.4 prime lens (FX)

Lens 3: Tokina 16-28 f2.8 Wide angle lense (FX)

Lens 4: Samyang 85mm f1.4 (FX)

Lens 5: Tamron 90mm f2.8 1:1 Macro Prime lens (FX)

Lens 6: Nikkor 80-200 f2.8 lens (FX)

Lens 7: Nikkor 18-105 VR lens (DX)

Off camera Flash : Used only when I am not shooting Candid shots.

Tripod, CPL & ND Lens filters, Additional batteries, memory cards and chargers.

Can provide 2 white umbrella lights to highlight stage (Optional)

All the services mentioned above are for my current city Mumbai, any outstation services transport and if accommodation should be taken care by client.

Any Customized requirements and I will see how I can arrange it, just let me know the requirements from page Contact us with your contact number and preferred time to contact and we will discuss on it.

To give you some idea about the budget the sample/typical charges are as below, You have an option of simply selecting a package or select individual items as per customised need.

1) Complete Photography Package:

In this I’ll be covering events of wedding on one day in 8-10 hrs, a second photographer to cover the event from different angle and perspective. I will deliver all soft copies to you in DVD and a photo book 12×36(big) size with @200 photos on 25-30 matte pages, and HD Videography with giving a video DVD after editing and Mixing, will cost 65k.

2) Standard Photography Package:

In this I’ll be covering events of wedding on one day in 8 hrs, deliver all soft copies to you in DVD and a photo book 12×36 size with @200 photos on 30 matte pages, and HD Videography with giving a video DVD after editing and Mixing, will cost 45k. (Single photographer)

3) Basic Photography Package:

In this I’ll be covering events of wedding on one day in 8-9 hrs, deliver all soft copies to you in DVD and a photo book 12×36 size with @200 photos on 30 matte pages. will cost 35k. (Single photographer, No Videography)

Individual services: 

My Traditional & Candid Photography :

In this I’ll be covering your wedding events with traditional as well as with Candid moments of couple and close family members, i’ll be using above gadgets and will not be using flash directly except reception photos.

Charges: for halfday 4-5 hrs function like engagement, Haldi, Mehndi, Bhaat, Bidayee, Sangeet, Pre- wedding Out door shoot are starting ranging from 10K.

For Fullday 8-9 hrs function coverage wedding including all pre wedding vidhis, ganesh puja till reception coverage will be about 20K.

For extra hrs beyond 8 hrs a day will attract extra charge of Rs. 1,500/- per additional hr. eg. 12 hrs shoot in a day will cost 25K.

This will include giving you all photos in softcopy written on DVD. most likely I give all photos to you in 4-5 days via google drive or 7-8 days via DVD. If you get your laptop will share all photos right on the same day.

Second Traditional Photographer :

In this I’ll bring additional wedding photographer with me to give you better coverage of the events, if events are more and number of guests are more and multiple activities are likely to happen then additional photographers are required to cover it in a better way for getting more number of printable photos.

Charges: a basic level wedding photographer will charge 10k for 8-9 hrs shoot and advance/highly experienced  traditional wedding photographer will charge 15k for 8-9hrs shoot. 1,000/- Rs per hr extra for working beyond 8hrs.

HD Videography :

In this a videographer will cover all event in HD Video camera and will give a video DVD after editing and mixing.

Charge: for fullday coverage 15k, along with this if another halfday shoot like sangeet,mehandi will cost 10k. for about 12hrs working will cost 20k including editing.

HD videography sample

Cinematic Videography :

This video shooting is done by fullframe DSLR like canon 5D mark3 using multiple lenses and slider. all full HD data recorded is then edited on high end systems and 2 outputs are generated. one compiled data and other edited @10 minutes video. main delivery of teaser video takes about minimum a month time to process it.

Changes: One day shoot and editing costing starts from 40k to 80k depending on gadgets to be used and number of videographers used. covering other halfday events in cinematic videography like pre-wedding video shoot on a song costs 25k.

our Cinematic Video sample is here

Pre-wedding photo shoot :

A halfday pre-wedding photo shoot can be arranged in Mumbai city at any beautiful location where couple is comfertable. I prefer a place and time where it is not much crowed some of the locations i suggest are,

1) Powai Garden, Powai lake. 2) Hanging Garden, Girgaon Chawpati, marine drive 3) Bandra fort 4) Ranichi baug

If you want it to be done at your specified location that is also fine with me. Ideally 2 halfday shoots should be planned for better coverage in 2 different cloths sets and theme to get good number of photos these 2 shoots will cost about 15k Only a halfday photo shoot will cost about 8k, without props, makeup or any dress adding these services will simply add the actual costs of them. Usually you will get about 100 couple shots in which about 30 photos will be edited by me and delivered all of them in a DVD.

If pre-wedding is to be done outside Mumbai city get in touch with me for detailed reasonable quote. as mentioned above pre wedding video shoot costs 25k.

Photo Album :

A 12×36(Big) size general premium quality wedding album having about 200 photos in it on 25-30 Matte pages with hard cover a box and a carry bag will cost about 10K, a candid album of same size with 20-25 velvet paper would also cost 10K here cost of paper is high but number of pages are less. for 35 to max 40 page album costing will be 14K.

Travel and accommodation : (Other than Mumbai)

All the costing is to be barred by the client either by providing tickets and place to stay or by reimbursement of actual expenses done by me for whole crew . As we are carrying gadgets worth 5+ lacs, we travel by min 3 tier AC or flight. We don’t travel by sleeper class, RAC or WL tickets.